Police were out of control 20 years ago, it didn’t start last week


“Some police chiefs for years have warned that we are “militarizing” our nation’s police. “Smart bombs” are used to enter drug dens. Officers are clad in paramilitary garb including battle helmets. Armored “urban” assault vehicles are tactically utilized on city streets. Cops are trained in military tactics. You cannot train officers in such a manner and then expect them to behave like “Officer Friendly” …. The FBI is an investigatory agency. Originally, they weren’t even armed. Why are lawyers and accountants being transformed into G.I. Joes? When such occurs we come dangerously close to establishing a National Police Force, something not intended by the framers of the U.S. Constitution.”

— Police Chief James J. Kouri
First Vice President National Association of Chiefs of Police
Source: Letter To The American Spectator, April, 1996

[So now you have Quentin Tarantino calling cops murderers. It’s hard to argue when in Des Moines and Ames and Burlington you have cops gunning down unarmed civilians who weren’t attacking them. But, with no civilian review boards and  corrupt county attorneys who won’t charge the cops, and more importantly, with asleep citizens with their head up their rectum, the future isn’t real bright for liberty.]

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