“GOP lays out debate demands”

Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa

How do you negotiate decency? That is essentially what the Republican presidential candidates are trying to achieve. A debate that proves to be useful to the American voter. Not something that enhances the reputations of the celebrity journalist “moderators”. Modern journalists are scum of the earth. There is no other way to put it. They have an agenda, and it is not the betterment of America.

As has been pointed out by many as regards the last debate on CNBC, the business channel for God’s sake, they didn’t delve into business ! Damn, can it get anymore obvious than that. No Fed talk, no tariff talk, no minimum wage, no talk of scrapping the tax code. It was about fantasy football and whether Trump was a cartoon candidate. Can it be any more obvious why this country is going to hell?

Even as someone who has zero experience with debating teams, common sense tells me how these things are supposed to work. The debaters are opponents trying to win their respective arguments. In this case making the argument that they would make the best president for this country. Their opponents are the other candidates, not the damn moderators! The damn moderators are trying to win the debates!

The moderators are there to see the rules are enforced, facilitate the transfer of information, and to perhaps judge the outcome. Not make themselves the story! Not make a name for themselves! In actuality, they should approach invisibility. CNBC just got caught, the FOX and CNN debates  were equally as snarky and pointless. Leaving the voter roughly as uninformed as before the debate.

Hell, some mildly rigorous college like Northwestern in Orange City, Iowa, could put on one whale of a debate where they weren’t the story, but the candidates were. The modern celebrity journalist has proven themselves to be unqualified. Time for a change.

Jim Roach

Celebrity bimbo

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