Ted Cruz is a thief

[After hearing a Cruz surrogate on Steve Deace’s radio show the other night, it seems I erred in my understanding of Cruz’s stance on immigration. The amendments he introduced on immigration bills were “poison pill” amendments, meant to defeat the legislation, not to advocate it. Cruz actually has it right on immigration. He still is wrong on SSA reform and the minimum wage, so I won’t be voting for him. But I do feel better should he get elected, that he at least has it right on immigration.] 

Bristol Palin on Facebook recently had a post where she notes Trump was going after Disney for firing American workers, so they could hire tech workers from India at substandard wages. I pointed out in a comment that whereas Trump wants to protect the American worker, Cruz wants to stab them in the back:

“Yeah, Cruz wants to quintuple H1-B visas, and double legal immigration, and have amnesty, all, actions that would hurt the American worker. I suppose I’d vote for Cruz about the time hell froze over.”

That elicited a response from Elke Wall Clark, who said:

“That is because you are wrong about Cruz and amnesty. We need more legal immigrants and people on work visas. Farmers cannot find Americans willing to pick fruit and companies cannot find trained computer workers in certain fields. Apple pickers in WA get over $9.00 and hour but Americans won’t do the work

I’m not like her, I don’t think the American taxpayer should subsidize farmers, I think farmers should learn to stand on their own two feet. So I said:

“No doubt, business will always want a slave class that they don’t have to pay a living wage to. First blacks, then Chinese, then the Irish, then Italians, now Mexicans. No one lives on $9 an hour, so we end up subsidizing wages through food stamps, subsidized housing and other welfare. Its damn well time business started paying a living wage.”

That’s my point, when business is allowed to pay a non-living wage, the taxpayer ends up subsidizing those wages through all the myriad forms of welfare that I couldn’t begin to count all of. Sometime in the past 100 years farmers got it in their head that it was the American taxpayers duty to subsidize them.

The barber on main street never got that idea. The guy who owns the hardware store doesn’t think that. Neither does the guy with the shoe store.  But for some reason the farmer thinks it is someone else’s job to pay their way through life. To subsidize their crops, their animals, their renewable fuels, their buildings, their equipment, their vehicles, their buildings, their house. As the saying goes, “Everything from the door knob to the corn cob!”

Business will always want someone else to subsidize them, who wouldn’t?? It’s a win-win for them. You can’t lose when someone else is paying your expenses. When you force someone else to subsidize you, you are enslaving them. Slavery will always be wildly popular with the slave owner. Is slavery popular with the slave? Not so much.

America takes in more legal immigrants than the rest of the world combined. Many countries in the Middle East and Far East don’t have ANY immigrants at all! Oh they bring in people on work visas, to get cheap labor, but you can’t immigrate and become Chinese, like you can become an American. You can’t become a Saudi. No, America fulfills any and all obligations to the world it has with its immigration policy. We set the standard on welcoming and accepting new people. No one else comes close. We have no need to apologize to anyone.

So when Ted Cruz tells me he is going to double legal immigration, quintuple H1-B visas, and have amnesty for the 11 million illegals in the country, I’ll tell him that I will fight him till the end. I will not allow that scum sucking thief to steal from me without a fight. He will not steal from me the taxpayer, and enslave another generation to poverty and low wages through a corrupt immigration policy, as long as I am drawing a breath.

Yep Ted, I get it that you have everyone fooled because you talk a good game on the Constitution and how government should run, but you don’t have me fooled. I’ve done the searches, I know what your policies are.

Jim Roach

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