CNN is like a dung beetle

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Dung Beetle (See en en Fullashitus)

Ben Carson has laid bare for the world to see the corrupt nature of the press in general and CNN in particular. They are upset about the personal events from 50 years ago of Carson and of his interactions with God, but not the professional actions of Hillary Clinton and Obama in the past 3 years. Hillary destroys evidence as Secretary of State and the media has a collective yawn. Tom Brady destroys a cell phone in deflategate, and there is mass investigations.

Obama is mentored by a communist and a domestic terrorist as a young man, and the media cares not. Ben Carson talks about a conversation with God 50 years ago and the media asks him to prove it! CNN is so full of sh*t. They eat it, they live in it, they roll around in it, they’re full of it. You are what you eat.

Jim Roach

[Bill Ayers and Saul Alinsky .  Hillary wipes server clean ]

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