“Bunch a gummers”

Rush had a great show Monday. He was talking about the Dem’s having no bench. All the “stars” in the Democrat Party are eligible for retirement. Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, Warren, Sanders, all over 65! Hell, you got to go to that fence post O’Malley to get down to a spry 52. Rush was right, he called it “Jurassic Park”. A bunch of gummers, a bunch of “Get off my lawn!” types. He had me rolling. No youth. No vitality. The good news is, once that generation is gone….

I thought maybe Monday it had been a slow news weekend. The local guy on WHO was talking critters all morning. It always kind of leaves me scratching my head how you use “the 50,000 watt flame throwing blow torch of the midwest!”, to talk about critters? Cars are going to hit deer, get over it. Rush made Monday fun. I guess that’s the difference between a legend and a local.

What a difference a network makes! FOX Business channel moderators are actually asking relevant questions! None of those bums wants to raise the minimum wage. Screw them. Cruz wants to raise SSA age, reduce benefits. They never talk about taking off the cap on earnings. Every dollar above $113,000 isn’t taxed on SSA. Why don’t you remove the cap? If raising the retirement age and reducing benefits is such a good idea, why isn’t removing the cap? Screw you Republicans… I’ll take Bernie.

The Republicans want to keep subsidizing millionaire farmers and billionaire oil companies and bailing out the banks on the backs of blue collar workers, but they don’t want to close the border or give them a decent wage. Then you will continue to reap the fruits of this idiocy. Welfare, crime, broken families and a disintegrating culture. I would say it is damn near impossible to be a decent human being on $7.25 an hour.

This debate beat the hell out of the previous three. It allowed us to see who Republicans really are. Instead of the, “He called you a poopy head, are you going to take it?”

Jim Roach




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