Interesting talk radio day …

Tom Brokaw’s ‘Liberal Minute’ on the radio this morning made me pause. He was using the example of a shooter at a concert, and saying how bad it would be if people fought for survival. For reasons beyond my comprehension, he felt it critical not to upset the terrorists plans, and that we should lie down obediently to die. I knew journalists were like God, but I had no idea they could revoke the survival instinct. But, I guess they can, he is on the radio. I’m no expert on this, but I thought we had the right to self defense?

In the next hour on WHO 1040, Mickelson took time out from talking critters long enough to interview Marco Rubio. My gosh Rubio impresses me. Whatever the topic, the guy is fast and fluent on his feet. And if he is a fraud, he’s got me fooled. He just strikes me as very good. The Republican field is very rich. The only gripe I have is the internecine war going on with several of them. Save it for Hillary you dopes! As far as Trump, Cruz, Rubio and maybe one or two others, I’d take any one of you! But that’s the thing, Huckabee, Paul, Kasich, it ain’t going to happen for you. If it was really about the country, and not about you, you would drop out, pick a guy, and work for him. Be the best advisor you can be!

Rush had an excellent point about Trump, as always. He said he called it on Monday. He said Trump’s numbers would spike as a result of the Paris terrorist strike. He was right. America wants a strong leader now. He said the media had it completely backwards that the voters would turn to an establishment type in a time of crisis. The establishment types put us in this hole. He also said that Trump’s base is blue collar types. Something we haven’t seen since Reagan. And lastly, he pointed out the media is no longer reporting the size of Trump’s audiences. Which are HUGE! He said if Trump picked up the terrorism banner and ran with it like he did immigration, he would be unstoppable.

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