“Mr. Carson, there’s a sense of urgency right now about ISIS!”

Without intending to, Bill O’Reilly reminded me of the scam our government is running;  once again! It was just a run-of-the-mill interview with presidential candidate Ben Carson over how he would handle ISIS. What O’Reilly was conveying was the very real sense of urgency over the situation, as once again our government is operating from a crisis position. How is that?

Is ISIS new? No. Is Muslims wanting to murder Christians and Jews somehow new? No. Is Islam blowing up airplanes, decapitating people, burning people alive, strapping them to antiquities and then blowing them up, slicing open the bellies of the wounded at the Bataclan concert hall, is any of these Islamic atrocities new? Hell no. But once again our government was surprised by it all.

To the unsophisticated, it seems natural for the government to be running around like a chicken with its head cut off (pun intended). But as Rahm Emmanuel said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Think about it people, is that the way the “world’s lone superpower” should be operating? Throwing itself from one side of the bridge to the other on the Enterprise like on a bad Star Trek episode? Always reacting. Never planning. Never anticipating. Never being prepared. Is that the way it is supposed to be?

Think about it people, think of that Alphabet Soup of agencies we pay for. CIA, FBI, NSA DIA, not to mention the State Department, think tanks, schools of government, and all the massive brainpower and intelligence agencies working for us. All the billions of dollars to pay for this incredible expenditure of manpower and resources. And they see nothing coming. They are surprised by everything!

Think about it people. I know this is tough, having to apply the grey matter. The controlled media will have you off on wild goose chases. The propaganda machine of the military/industrial complex will have you convinced its your duty, neigh privilege, to have your sons go off to die, and be bankrupted by these never ending wars. They will have you convinced that is the way things are supposed to be in an Empire. There is just one problem with that. Our Founding Fathers never intended us to be an empire.

They wanted this government to do just one thing, provide a safe and just environment for the citizens to reach their heights of self-actualization. Be all you can be. Exercise individual liberty to the max. Not for the government to “solve problems”. Not for the government to be “the worlds policeman”. Not for the citizens to be absorbed with the affairs of government on three 24 hour news channels. Nope. Our Founders simply wanted us to get on with life.

Not to bring all the dispossessed people of the world here. Not to go die in the sand for people who hate us. And definitely not bring those people here. Hello! Their book says we are the infidel. Their book says kill the infidel. Our Founders never thought their progeny would be so God blessedly stupid as to bring those people here. When they talked about “no religious test”, they were talking about discriminating between Lutherans, Baptists and Methodists. They never imagined for a moment we would bring a religion to these shores who harbored a pathological hatred for us.

They told us to bring people here who “have the habits of Liberty”. That is the last thing those people have. They have the “habits of headlopping”. Theirs is the greatest “enforced” religion the world has ever seen. Most estimates put their numbers at 20 % of the current size, IF, the mullahs weren’t able to enforce the harsh discipline and various Fatwahs of their death cult.

And why am I not using the politically correct term, “terrorists”? Because terrorism is a tool used to frighten a civilian population so as to affect a change in government policy. Terrorism is a symptom, not the disease. The disease has a headdress, wears a beard and carries a sword. Their tool is terrorism.

General Douglas MacArthur is the one I’m aware of that pointed out that when your government is always operating in a state of crisis, you are being played.

Jim Roach

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