Libertarians have a blind spot

Having been in libertarian circles for 20 years, I’ve noticed they like to jump to the endgame before laying the proper groundwork. Alex Nowrasteh of the CATO Institute makes a tweet last night that sets my blood to boiling. He said that bringing Syrian refugees to the U.S. posed no threat. Really? How nice of you to make a life and death decision for others. As Ann Coulter pointed out, while not all Muslims are terrorists, all terrorists are Muslims. Before you arbitrarily bring a death cult with a pathological hatred for Christians and Jews to the United States, you might want to ponder that a bit.

To look at what has come into Europe with the “refugees”, and the death and mayhem it brought, and to then turn around and say there would be no threat to America is ludicrous. The examples below are from libertarian proposals that would work, if the preparatory work had been done. Legalizing drugs. A worthy goal, but not yet. The welfare state still exists where nonproductive people (i.e. drug addicts) can bill others for their decisions. The same thing exists with gambling. People now can still file bankruptcy and bill others for their addiction.

The pet project with libertarians, open borders, is currently completely unworkable. Right now Mexicans coming illegally from Mexico walk into hospital emergency rooms and bill the community for their healthcare. Ditto for their child’s education. As illegals often work off the books and aren’t paying taxes into the school system. Most of the land of the western United States is owned by the federal government’s bureau of land management. This makes the cost of property out of the reach of most people and distorts many aspects of society (entrepreneurship, housing, intergenerational wealth building…). And you simply end up with too many people for too little land because so much of the land is off the market.

Last, but certainly not least, the ability for American citizens to bear arms is much too spotty. If people could be secure in their person 100 % of the time, you might have an argument. As it is, the idea of open borders is completely unrealistic, and incredibly dangerous quite frankly. Natural Law only works if property rights and the right to self defense are as pure as possible. When the government owns half the land, and taxes the land they don’t own, and determines when and when you can’t defend yourself, then our country is definitely not ready for open borders. Until real property rights and universal self defense exists in America, open borders are destructive to this country.

That part of the libertarian psyche has always driven me crazy. Here in Iowa in the rural areas they have a thing for ATV’s. Each year a 4 or 5 year old kills themselves on an ATV. THAT is jumping the gun. A 4 year old should master the tricycle. Then a bicycle. then maybe a minibike. Then maybe at 15 with adult supervision and evaluation, then maybe he is ready to be turned loose on an ATV. But you got to that point by mastering steps along the way. You don’t turn a 4 year old loose with 200 hp. Adults have to say no. Adults have to have wisdom. You need to eat your broccoli before you get dessert!

Jim Roach

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