18 days in November

USA Today last Thursday had an interesting article, ‘A Terrorist Timeline’, by Oren Dorell. They looked at the terrorist acts committed by The Religion of Peace in the first 18 days of November. Who are these terrorists? What do they want?

Nov. 1: Mogadishu, Somalia, 12 dead

Nov. 4: Al Arish, Egypt, 3 dead

Nov. 4 and 13: West Bank and Israel, 3 dead

Nov. 5: Arsal, Lebanon, 6 dead

Nov. 7: Baghdad, 12 dead

Nov. 9: Ngouboua, Chad, 3 dead

Nov. 9: Fotokol, Cameroon, 4 dead

Nov. 12: Beirut, 43 dead

Nov. 13: Baghdad, 26 dead

Nov. 13: Paris, 129 dead

Nov. 17: Yola, Nigeria, 34 dead

Nov. 18: Kano, Nigeria, 15 dead

That’s the thing about these jihadis, they don’t wage war on the battlefield against soldiers, they wage war against civilians. Women and children. Yeah. But the question remains, what do they want? If we were at a negotiating table, what is it we can give them so that they begin acting like rational, civilized, compassionate human beings? Instead of vicious animals. And on our side, how many more Muslim’s do we need to kill to declare victory? What is it we need to do to win? Why aren’t we doing it? We are forever in a state of war? Who does that benefit? I’m fairly confident bombs won’t win this war. God will. In His way, in His time. This is a spiritual war. We are not waging the right war.

Jim Roach

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