Dear sir, you are being used

The question on a Facebook post was, “Say which Republican candidate you are going to vote for!” My response of Bernie Sanders elicited the predicted response. An otherwise probably alright guy says, “Move to Cuba!” The assumption being I was a socialist. Hardly. It is a case of the far right meeting the far left.

The poor chap doesn’t realize he is being used. Republicans don’t solve issues, they run on them. Decade after decade after decade. Go back to the year 1900, and see which direction Republicans have moved the ball on 5 basic issues. Income tax, abortion, gun laws, size of government and the Federal Reserve. Are there more or less of these issues? In 115 years, which way have they gone? Republicans run on them every 2 years, what have they done with them?

In 1900, the income tax (1916) was not in existence. Ditto for legal abortion (1973), gun laws (1933) and the Federal Reserve (1911). The size of government? Obvious. I believe there were 5 cabinet positions then, 11 now I believe. The national debt then, basically zero. Today? Almost 19 trillion. The only thing Republicans have been successful at is getting reelected, enriching themselves and using you.

They lost on every single issue that is important to you. Every single at bat for 115 years they have struck out. Their batting average is 0 %. Not one hit. Zero. Zip. Nada. They have not moved the ball 1 yard towards the goal line. We are not closer to a Constitutional government, we are much, much further away from it. They run on issues, they don’t solve them. They pander to you every two years, and you buy it. They keep pissing on you and tell you its raining.

Jim Roach

Carrot cake! (2) nj

[Republican politicians have no intention of ever winning anything but reelection. It is all about maintaining the lie. About enriching themselves from the wallet of corporate lobbyists. The eternal struggle with the “evil” Democrats. Keeping the finger always pointed at the opposition so the base never looks at the leadership. They are always just 1 vote short of passing that important legislation! They always need just one more judge on the bench! Then! Then they’ll get that issue passed that the base wants. Next time. Then someone like Trump or Sanders comes along who really means it. Someone who would actually move the ball down the field for their side. That has one effect. It coalesces the establishment of both parties to make damn sure neither one of them gets it. That is the one thing they do agree on. No change to the status quo. Follow the money.]

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