Lucky for the government, Americans ARE that stupid

Pentagon wasted tens of millions on villas [USA Today 12/3] Our military in Afghanistan rented luxury private facilities for guests instead of using the existing government housing, and saving taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. In another incident, they spent $43 million dollars for a $500, 000 gas station. That is one hell of a gas station. The article goes on and on and on about the corruption in our government.

Recall of celery linked to E. coli grows to 16 states [USA Today 12/3] Guess what people, you don’t get E. coli from vegetables. You get it from the punctured intestine of an animal. How could that be?? Mexico! They irrigate their vegetables with water that includes human waste! That’s your USDA at work! Inspections? We don’t need no stinking inspections!

Islamic State beheads Russian accused of spying  [USA Today 12/3] The Religion of Peace strikes again, doing what headloppers do.

Senate takes aim at Obamacare [USA Today 12/3] After postponing the “employer mandate” for 2 years, and not wanting their corporate masters to suffer, NOW Congress looks to repeal key provisions of Obamacare. AFTER our premiums have been jacked through the roof, and numerous companies have pulled out of the exchanges.

U.S. rejects Russian claim of Turkish ties to Islamic State USA Today 12/3] In the last week, a couple of key bits of intel have come out, forced by Trump stating the obvious. Cut off their funding! (blowup the oil facilities) Goodnight, Trump is supposedly so ignorant in foreign affairs and he forced the administration to do something it hadn’t done for over 2 years! Turkey refuses to secure a 100 mile strip of border that fighters are pouring into Syria from. And there was only one place for ISIS oil to go, Turkey! And that’s where its been going. With “partners” like that in the “war on terror”, who needs enemies! The fighters are coming in through Turkey, and the oil is going out through Turkey.

Thank goodness for USA Today. They point out (intentionally or not) the ridiculous machinations of our government. The fact that Americans are okay with the waste of their tax dollars and the body count resultant from this stupidity, is incomprehensible to me. How the voters continue to return to office the people responsible for this madness, blows minds.

Jim Roach

Biker (2) ;f;psi

(And Wolf Blitzer keeps wondering if the San Bernardino shooters had been ‘radicalized”. You think Wolf? Did someone slip them a ‘mickey’ into their drink? Is that when they were radicalized? Were they tricked into it Wolf? Innocent little babes fooled into murder? Maybe not, huh Wolf.]

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