CNN has one very large cow

AAA Big boy

That must of hurt! CNN is having a cow over Trump’s latest statement of the obvious. Trump wants to halt the import of Muslims to this country until an effective screening process is implemented. Makes sense to me. 14 people in San Bernardino are dead because the FBI dropped the ball. Those 2 murdering Muslims had been in contact with known terrorists. The FBI categorized that contact as “innocuous” and didn’t pursue it. I don’t know if those 14 dead people would appreciate being labeled innocuous.

14 people in San Bernardino are dead because the State Department rubberstamped the visa application, without conducting an investigation. In today’s USA Today the State Department details how they are looking into the trips and contacts the couple had in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Now they are investigating. After 14 people are dead.

Barbara Starr on CNN in the 4 o’clock hour had a report showing the spread of ISIS operatives around the globe and our inability to contain them. She showed the increase of area controlled by ISIS in the Middle East. They are gaining ground in the size of their country. Their operatives are operating around the globe. Our FBI and State Department are completely impotent in vetting them, Trump wants a pause, and CNN has a cow??? Their own news reports just showed we are helpless to stop them!

Jim Roach

Cheeseburger! (2)

Anderson Cooper just got upset with Trump because Trump talks about ISIS chopping heads off. Anderson isn’t upset with ISIS chopping heads, but with Trump phrasing it that way! Goodnight! How stupid is Anderson Cooper?? That’s what ISIS is! A bunch of headloppers, deal with it jackass.

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