The White House has blood on it’s hands, and they are attacking Trump??

That’s incredible! Has the whole world gone mad? The White House is responsible for the death of 14 people in San Bernardino, and THEY are going to attack Trump?? He wants to stop the carnage, and the administration, the media and the establishment are savaging Trump?? Their FBI and State Department couldn’t vet 1 woman from Pakistan, that’s why 14 people are dead. (It came out today 12/13 that our government didn’t even check Jihadi Jane’s social media posts. They felt it would be too “invasive”. I wonder if the murder victims would feel that way?)

Trump is saying stop! Until you know what the hell you are doing, no more! Until you know how to stop letting in mass murderers, stop! Good God! This is simple, this is child’s play! Don’t let murderers into this country! What’s not to understand? Trump is pointing out that at this point in time, our government is COMPLETELY incapable of vetting Muslims, and until that changes, stop!

There is a Sunni sect of Islam that is hell bent on killing us, face up to it. Quit burying your head in the sand, or they will do it for you. How ignorant are people of this country about Islam? This is very basic stuff people. This sect believes they get their ticket punched for the afterlife by killing you.

Is there someone in this country that doesn’t know that? This sect of Muslims can follow all the protocols of Islam and have no guarantee of “heaven”. They’re only guaranteed path to heaven is through jihad, killing you. That is how they bring about their version of the “second coming”, by killing all the Christians and Jews. Do people really not know that??

Their only guarantee in life is through death. That makes sense doesn’t it? For the Religion of Peace? That their guarantee of heaven is through your death? Its called jihad people! That’s how they become “radicalized”, they believe what they are taught! No one slips something in their drink. They don’t suddenly wake up one morning and say, “Hey, I think I’ll kill some infidels today!” Nope, its that sect that has bought into Wahhabism.

That sect is going to be the death of us. It emanates from Saudi Arabia. It is no coincidence that the 19 hijackers on September 11, 2001 were ALL from Saudi Arabia. Our great ally in the “war on terror”, is the epicenter. If Tashfeen Malik was able to thwart all the resources of the United States Federal Government by giving a fake address on her application form, we had best go back to the drawing board.

Why do we even deal with them? Because back in the day one group of really rich Americans wanted their oil. And later, another group of really rich Americans wanted to sell them weapons. Follow the money. This ain’t rocket science people.

Jim Roach

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