“With times the way they are, maybe our schools need to focus more on job and life skills, instead of sports!”


As is often the case, the most intelligent idea in the Des Moines Register today was from a Your Two Cents Worth contributor, and not from the Register itself. The contributor, Retired tradesman, hit upon something I’ve been pondering. High school students have been pressured for decades now with this false need to go to college for the large majority of them.

These kids go to college, rack up an incredible amount of burdensome debt, and then graduate with a liberal arts degree that helps them zero in obtaining a job. Then they struggle the rest of their working life trying to pay off student loans with a low paying menial job. If you can’t do math, there is little reason to go to a four year school. The world only needs so many teachers and history majors.

Science, engineering, computer and mathematics degrees are valuable. But to a large degree, we don’t turn out those grads. We import them on H1-B visas. Why is that? Why are we now 28th in the world in math and science? We were the world’s leader in those areas 70, 80, 100 years ago, what happened? Why has ISU for 50 years now had foreign grad students teaching undergrads in engineering?

How does a nation forget how to teach math? Advanced mathematics is the only thing that matters in a nation’s advancement. Medicine, chemistry, computers, everything that makes the modern world go-round is math based. How on earth did we “forget” how to teach it?

We didn’t. But for some reason we choose not to. If a nation wanted to teach mathematics and couldn’t, would not looking at a nation that can be a starting place? If India and Germany are cleaning our clocks in the teaching of math, maybe we should look at their methods? Wouldn’t that be a rather obvious idea?

Is a nation of store clerks and hamburger flippers what we are striving for? With the amount of “tech workers” we are importing under H1-B visas, every university president in this country ought to be fired. What in the sam hell are they getting paid a half million dollars a year for? To turn out English lit majors? For God sakes people, get a clue.

Jim Roach

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