Jeff Angelo bemoans Graham withdrawal?

Mickelson in the Morning substitute Jeff Angelo on WHO radio seemed to be sad about South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham pulling out of the presidential race. While most people wouldn’t have known Graham was running, I did verify it online. Personally, I can’t think of anyone more dangerous to the health of this country than Graham. He is part of the coterie that wants to spend this country into oblivion fighting endless wars in the sand to make Arabs free. The fact that those Arabs actually hate us and want to kill us, matters little to Graham and his cabal.

The modern period marking our relations with the Middle East could be considered that time period of the past 40 years roughly beginning with Jimmy Carter and the Shah of Iran. America had been helping to prop up that dictator since 1941. America essentially created the Ayatollah Khomeini and the radical Islamic government that took over Iran, by our support of a dictator.

America also created ISIS when  they overthrew Saddam Hussein in Iraq, when they had no business doing so. Those out of work psychopaths formed the basis of ISIS. We as a country have done what Graham and the rest of the neocons have advocated all these years to what benefit?

Is the Middle East now a garden spot of peace and prosperity? Do the inhabitants now love us?

Hardly. They hate us. They hate Europe. They are in a war with the West. We’ve tried the path of the neocons, they need to produce the evidence to show their way is the right way. I don’t think that evidence exists. What can they point to after the trillions of dollars and thousands of lives that we are better off?

For Angelo to bemoan the loss of Graham from the presidential race strikes me as absurd.

Jim Roach

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