The balance sheet

Charlie Reese came up with this analogy over 20 years ago that obviously stuck with me. His point was that a nation or culture will do both good things and bad things during it’s history. All you can do is take a representative period of time and look at what they have done on balance. In totality. The debits and the credits. Does that nation or culture end up with more credits (good), or debits (bad)?

In the news right now the nation of Israel is dealing with a series of stabbing attacks by the Palestinians they share their country with. It will not be in this lifetime that I will understand how that is supposed to work. In the 70 year history of modern Israel, there has been nothing but conflict with Muslims in their country and those surrounding it. What has changed that would suggest the next 70 years would somehow be different?

It’s not as if this is a new social experiment that we have to wait for the results to come in for. We have performed this experiment over and over for the past 1,400 years. Each and every time, Islam has demonstrated their inability to live in a civilized fashion with other people. They have stated repeatedly and forcefully that Israel does not have the right to exist. Their actions have reinforced their rhetoric.

On a wider scale, their book tells them that Christians and Jews in general do not have a right to exist. Their actions support that rhetoric also. Identifying each area on the globe that experiences “terrorism”, will also locate for you each area on the globe that experiences Islam. There seems to be a connection. The bible said they would be “wild asses of men, with their hand always against their brother.” Let’s examine that.

Say they accomplished their goal of killing all Christians and Jews. Nothing left but Shias and Sunnis. Peace finally? Hardly. The practitioners of that death cult would then fight to the death to see what sect reigned supreme. Say the Sunnis won out. Peace? Hardly. Depending what color of eyes the leader had, green or brown, the other eye color would then have to be eliminated. Maybe then, if there were only brown eyed Sunnis left, then there would be peace in the valley.

Jim Roach


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