“Trump refuses to take shot at Cruz”


So I’m watching CNN’s Jake Tapper this morning and they are talking about the Republican presidential race. Panelist S.E. Cupp (above) starts taking potshots at Trump like she is trying to take him down. I think, “Boy, the media really sucks”. It’s not a game you jackasses. Real jobs, real wars, real invasions through a porous border are at stake. Its not, “Hey Tommy – Billy said ‘this’ about you, are you going to take it??”

Its like the press has completely forgotten what their role is, or doesn’t care. You’ll see it during the Republican debates also. (During the Democrat ones they are obedient little lapdogs.) They act like they are trying to “win” the debate. Uh-uh. That’s not your job. We have a nation in deep kimchi that needs to get it’s act together. Real American soldiers are getting blown to hell and maimed in pointless wars.

Real American families are being decimated because there ain’t any jobs worth a damn because of stupid trade deals and a flood of foreign workers. People get shot dead in San Bernardino because our government is too politically correct to vet  killers. The nations supply of illegal narcotics comes across a wide-open southern border, bringing with it the physical, mental and financial destruction that drugs do.

This is serious business you media idiots. Real people, real lives. This ain’t a joke, this isn’t about your career. This isn’t about your agenda and winning. This is about saving a country. My country.

Jim Roach

aa Is she going to spin (2)



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