“Non-Muslims can visit the site but not pray”


Not belonging to a religion that requires I own a particular piece of dirt, I find it somewhat difficult to relate to this story in USA Today, Israeli troops kill two Palestinians after stabbing attack. It seems part of the increase in “stabbing attacks” on Israelis by Palestinians, is due to the “increased visits” by Israeli forces to the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, otherwise known as the Temple Mount to Jews. Netanyahu says the Palestinian authority is encouraging these attacks.

Under a decades-old agreement, non-Muslims can visit the site but not pray.

That’s the line that caught my eye. “Visit the site but not pray”. Really? You see actions like that by Muslims makes me fundamentally question whether they are in reality a Religion of Peace at all. Seriously though, why would you wish to stop another person from communing with God? Think about that. I really don’t care if it “is one of the holiest sites outside of Saudi Arabia”. You don’t live in a vacuum. Its not “all about you”.

This piece of dirt in question is evidently important to Jews also. Share and share alike I say. I realize Islam is prone to murderous temper tantrums, but it is time you change. Get a clue Islam, this is 2015. Jews will share that piece of dirt with you, you need to share with them. What kind of medieval religion are you running? Damn, grow up.

Evidently  you people don’t have kindergarten. That’s where you should have learned this stuff. Sharing your toys, playing with others. Stabbing someone because they want to commune with their God? I’m sorry, you’re nuts. It would be an oversimplification to blame this all on that Saudi inspired Sunni sect known as Wahhabism. I think it goes beyond that.

Compare the mission statements of Christianity and Islam. “Go and make disciples of all nations”, versus, “Kill the infidel”. There’s a difference there. Subtle maybe, but a difference. Witness to the world versus kill them. Do you see that? To my mind that sets the tone of an entire organization. Various intricacies and nuances may follow, but the tone has been set.

The only dog I have in this fight is I am sick of hearing about it and I am tired of the money spent on this bullshit by my government. Damn, if it was up to me, I’d give the Israelis the land where New Mexico sits (its likely similar to Israel), and let the Muslims have all that region. We could stay home and let the Muslims kill each other and let Allah sort them out.

But, one of the few things I think I understand from the bible, is that God has told the Jews to hold onto that land. I don’t begin to understand that. I thought the salvation work of Jesus had done away with the importance of a particular piece of dirt. The other is that Christians aren’t supposed to meddle in the affairs of Jews. Jews are God’s people and it ain’t none of my business. The only trouble is, all this fighting ends up making it my business.

Jim Roach

What's up there (2) nm

[Hell, in America we give away our dirt. We let invaders from Mexico and Central America waltz in and take our dirt. Then, our genius government makes those of us who work, pay for these invaders’ education, healthcare, housing and food stamps.]

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