“Trump’s effect on Muslim migrant debate reverberates in heartland”

go go Godzilla

Yesterday’s article by Robert Samuels of the Washington Post on MSN’s newsfeed elicited several reactions from me. The premise of the article was that Donald Trump’s words caused an arsonist to burn down a Somali owned restaurant in North Dakota. While the premise and conclusion were there, “Trump is to blame”, noticeably lacking was any evidence.

When a writer for one of the nation’s 3 premiere newspapers can write an article supported only by baseless allegations, it is rather terrifying to me. The media can have an outsized influence on the direction of a nation (“You give me the pictures, and I’ll give you the war” – William Randolph Hearst). Just because you don’t know what to do with Trump, does not give you the right to slander him.

Bill Clinton in 1995 tried to blame the OKC bombing on “conservative talk radio and Rush Limbaugh”. Never one to let facts get in the way, the media ran with it. Along with the notion that Timothy McVeigh was a Christian. None of it was true of course, but that doesn’t matter with the emotion based world view of liberalism. They base their thoughts and actions on how they would like things to be, not how they are.

There was no confession from the arsonist as to his motivations, he wasn’t caught, nor did he leave a note. Trump was simply assigned the blame. It never occurred to Samuels that you can’t blame the actions of a criminal on a third party. Trump’s call to have a pause on the further importation of Middle East killers, is perfectly logical. Burning down a restaurant is not.

Also missing from Samuels’ article was any mention of a much more plausible motivator for the arsonist. It simply seemed to me that if you were going to make baseless assertions, you should at least choose the most incendiary – San Bernardino. But doing that would have acknowledged that we are importing people who want to kill us. That does not  fit the mainstream media’s objective, stopping Trump.

Trump scares the bejeebers out of the establishment. He is like Godzilla rampaging through Tokyo, throwing his opponents out of the way like matchsticks! Completely unstoppable! And slander has always worked before when bringing down a Republican. They just don’t want Hillary to get schlonged.

Jim Roach

Down in the 'hood

[scare the bejeebers out of (someone)

To shock or frighten someone very suddenly and/or severely. (“Bejeebers,” a variant of “bejesus,” is a mild euphemistic oath used here as an intensifying noun.) Don’t sneak up on me like that, you scared the bejeebers out of me! That car accident seems to have scared the bejeebers out of Janet—she’s still shaken by it.
See also: bejeebers, of, out, scare, the]


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