Phyllis Schlafly on Trump

“One of the favorite tricks of the Democrats is to try to get the Republicans to pass over their strongest candidate and nominate instead a candidate who will be easy to beat. For example, in 1948 the Democrats cooperated with the Kingmakers to persuade Republicans to nominate a [bipartisan] ‘me too’ losing candidate, Tom Dewey, instead of the Republican Majority Leader, Bob Taft. The Democrats said they ‘hoped Republicans would nominate Taft’ with the same reverse psychology that Brer Rabbit pleaded with the fox, ‘Oh, please don’t throw me into the briar patch!’”

It reminded me of the next election cycle when the choice momentarily was between Dwight Eisenhower and Douglas MacArthur. The obvious better choice for America would have been MacArthur. Just one consequence of the Eisenhower term was the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren. The Warren court led to many a disaster, not least of which was the “legalization” of abortion.

In ’76 we flirted with Reagan being the nominee instead of Ford, not that Reagan ended up doing anything but raising SSA taxes on the poor, allowing “borrowing” from the trust fund, and the tripling of the national debt which we will never be able to pay back. In ’96 there was a week between Iowa and New Hampshire where the establishment lost control of their bladder when Dole was threatened.

The Schlafly article at Breitbart was quite eye opening in the respect that the knowledge of what was going on was known even back then. Very little is “new”, it just gets a new set of clothes every few years. An example is her use of the term “kingmakers”, when today we say establishment, or donor class. Its all the same. Definitely worth reading.

Jim Roach




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