“Upset Republican donors: Have we wasted our money?”

The Hill had an interesting article this afternoon about super-PACs . It turns out the donor class is a little upset about their ROI (return on investment). They live in a world where the government takes care of them. Risks have been eliminated from their businesses because they have bought Congressional insurance. A thousand here, and a thousand there, and they are taken care of legislatively. Farm subsidies, bank bailouts, subsidies to big oil, sweets heart deals for big pharmaceuticals. The donor class gets what they have paid for.

Until now. Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Lindsey Graham, George Pataki, and perhaps their biggest disappointment of all, Jeb Bush. The carnage has been horrible. Worthless and weak girly men getting flattened by The Destroyer! Hundreds of millions of ill-gotten dollars wasted! Fortunes built on the backs of underpaid working stiffs squandered on RINOs!

It occurred to me it would have been cheaper for the to just pay the damned living wage. That’s what this is all about. They spend $100’s of millions of dollars to lobbyists, and campaign donations, all to keep legislation away that might force them to pay a living wage, and conversely, to ensure the never-ending supply of cheap foreign labor keeps coming in!

That’s what this is all about, they are so Scrooge-like, such skinflints, they spend fortunes to make sure they never have to pay $15 bucks an hour! God forbid they ever took a cut on their $300 million salaries. God forbid their golden parachutes  never open, they just want to make damn sure they never have to pay $15 bucks an hour!

They are so shortsighted that a couple of things never even occur to them. How they are being penny wise and pound foolish. By bringing in cheap foreign labor, the taxpayers end up subsidizing the wages of these people through food stamps, medical care, crime, drugs, and the cost of educating all their non-English speaking kids! The societal costs are huge! Aside from the fact it is actually more expensive to pay what they do now to super-PACs.

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