Des Moines Register promotes gross human spectacle


The Saturday Register has a photo similar to this one of Molly Schuyler stuffing her face with bacon at last years bacon fest. Like any gorging contest, it strikes me at least, as rather disgusting. Whether it is hotdogs, pie or donuts, it seems fundamentally wrong to do this to the human body, especially when so many people do without food.

The Register for years has promoted alcohol abuse each Saint Patrick’s Day with their promotion as cool the over consumption of green beer on Court Avenue in Des Moines. The physical toll on the human body, the financial and human cost of resulting DUI’s, none of this matters to the Register.

The Register also has one of their own columnists, Daniel Finney, doing a series on his attempt to recover from morbid obesity. Then they turn around and feature gorging. On Mondays they have a ‘Healthy Lifestyles’ section about diet and exercise, then they turn around and glamorize gluttony.

If you look at the placemat in the foreground, it says ‘Farmland’. It is almost like once again you could say, “Follow the money”. Maybe it wouldn’t work to continuously do features on the guy or gal who volunteered for years at the animal shelter, soup kitchen, children’s cancer ward or some other good thing, but let’s give it a try.

Jim Roach

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