We are being told what happened in Flint but not why

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The city and state have no money, why? The tax base disappeared. Why did the jobs leave? Because trade agreements were enacted based on feel good globalism instead of tried and tested economic principles (i.e. a service based economy doesn’t create wealth). A society creates wealth by manufacturing goods using raw materials from the earth. Otherwise it is just wealth transfer. A ‘shell game’.

The article states the city and state have no money but doesn’t explain why. The Detroit area was once known as the “arsenal of democracy” (because of its manufacturing prowess). We could defeat any foe because we could out manufacture it. This national decline started before NAFTA, but that agreement greased the skids. These economic doldrums will continue unless we insist on fair trade agreements. Not to mention the societal costs of crime and poverty from having no good jobs.

This is really basic stuff. Americans need to ask themselves, “Why would our leaders do something so stupid?” Because they are globalists and not Americans.

Jim Roach

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