“Why would the Register endorse a liar?”

Max D. Isaacson of West Des Moines got right to the point with his Letter to the Editor in Sunday’s Register. He said, “I question your paper’s journalistic ethics in endorsing Hillary Clinton for president when it has been shown she lied about Benghazi.” While knocking doors for Bernie the last 2 days, I wondered the same thing when I got the response of, “We’re caucusing for Hillary.” I so wanted to ask how that is possible. Invariably the person at the door didn’t look stupid, so how are their actions possible?  The best reason I heard was in a local newscast asking millennial women why they were supporting Sanders, didn’t they want to see a woman in the White House? They said, we will (see a woman president), it will happen. The Hillary woman, who are older, don’t have the time. They want to see a woman president in their lifetime.

Janet Moore of Ankeny had the other very good LTE today, Endorsement of Clinton, Rubio are off the mark. Her point was, HELLO?? The Register is endorsing the 2 establishment candidates? Have you not noticed what has been going the past 8 months? The country has rejected the status quo. The country has rejected the establishment candidates. She said, “Overwhelmingly Iowans want the overthrow of the oligarchy.” Well said.

The last funny from the Opinion Section was from Rekha Basu (of course). She states that since July, reporters from her paper have had to attend Trump events as members of the public, they can’t get press credentials from the Trump campaign. The Register called for Trump to withdraw from the race in July. Good for Trump. They have had a bias against him from the beginning. There is absolutely no reason to put up with that BS. He also didn’t meet with their editorial board. The Register has always had the idea they could use all sorts of invective against Republicans, and for some reason they were supposed to accept it.

Jim Roach

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