Iowa Democrat Party gets away with not releasing vote count

andy mcguire
Iowa Democrat Party Chair Andy McGuire

I’ve never seen anything more insane in my life. No vote count in Iowa??? The Iowa Democrat Party doesn’t release the numbers! It is the Electoral College without the popular vote numbers, this is nuts. This ain’t class president, this ain’t Bolivia, this is for leader of the free world! If the Register wasn’t so in the tank for Hillary things might change.

Bernie likely won the popular vote with his overwhelming edge in college towns, but we’ll never know. The Iowa Democrat Party doesn’t release the vote tally. People complain about the shenanigans with the Electoral College, but you can at least compare it to the raw numbers. Democrat candidates for president in Iowa can’t even do that. The Iowa Democrat Party wants to keep you in the dark. They wish to operate in secrecy.

It would probably help if Iowa Democrat Party Chair Andy McGuire wasn’t in the tank for Hillary. Having witnessed first hand a Democrat Caucus for the first time in 24 years, I was appalled at the haphazard methodology. There was none. There was no standardization or uniformity of counting.

First they tried to have us form ‘lines of 10’. People wouldn’t maintain line integrity (stay put), and there wasn’t enough room to line up 268 Bernie people. Then they had us file out of the gym while they counted us. That didn’t work, people kept wandering back in to sit on a chair and got counted twice. It was like herding cats.

Then they had us all raise a hand and drop it as we counted off the number that came to us. They finally settled on that after an hour of trying to count 268 people. At no time was any of the counts secure. And they were being done by partisans. We’re not electing Homecoming Queen dammit. Bernie got robbed.

Aside from an authoritarian party head who announced there “would be no recount”, the one organization who could get to the bottom of it, the Des Moines Register, is so in the bag for Hillary, they won’t do it. They are run by elderly women like the party chair who are all in for Hillary. Bernie got robbed. This is for the direction of a country, and we are literally counting heads.

There are no ballots to go back to and recount. Its gone. Over a thousand precincts and it was all done differently. Depending if old Joe running it had done it 1 time or 10 times. The precinct chair conducted the count based on how he was feeling that night, and how imaginative he was. There was no checks and balances. There was no failsafe mechanism. I’ve seen better methods of count on a playground.

The liberal establishment media like CNN is so in the back pocket of Hillary, Bernie is simply screwed. He won the vote tally, and lost to a corrupt delegate count. This is an idiotic system with no provision for absentee balloting or for people who are at work during the only 2 hour period you can vote.

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