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Caucus quibbles won’t help Bernie Sanders [Kathie Obradovich, DM Register] Good God woman, having an election stolen out from under you is “quibbling”?? I don’t think so. Jennifer Jacobs in Uproar could lead to revamping process, details many of the problems with last Monday’s caucus night in Iowa including the assigning of phantom delegates to Hillary Clinton.

Aside from shenanigans in Woodbury County, Knoxville, Ankeny, Ames and other locales, it absolutely does not help when the chair of the Iowa Democrat Party makes a dictatorial decree that there will be no audit of the results. Sue her Bernie! Damn, this is nuts.

The mess on the Democrat side is from the antiquated rules that were written in 1971, the mess on the Republican side is harder to pinpoint. The Saturday night massacre in this instance wasn’t even fostered by the moderators. Other then Carson and Kasich, they all seemed to bring their own bucket of mud, and were in a mood to sling it.

Man, I just don’t get it. The first 7 debates could arguably be blamed on idiots in the media, this was on the immature candidates (ABC’s people deserve credit). The scariest was the way Christie went after Rubio. I thought he was going to sumo bump Rubio off the stage, or eat him. It was frightening! At least Rubio would have died with his boots on. I just can’t believe this is how America picks it’s president.

Seeing 7 grown men go 8th grade on each other is not awe inspiring. For some reason the idiots in the media love it (and egg it on). As far as Bernie being robbed, in 2012 the Republicans came back and owned their mistake and awarded Santorum the W. The Register, through Obradovich at least, is poo pooing the idea of a recount. It escapes me how the process is served by cloaking it in secrecy.

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