Why is our tax code 19 feet tall?

The current election threatens to make my head explode. Radio, television and print conservatives are alerting us to the dangers of Bernie Sanders’ democratic socialism! The very purity of our system of limited government and free market economics are at stake!

Gimme a break! Limited government and free markets are the last thing we have.  Ask yourself one question, why is the tax code 19 feet tall? Corporate welfare. Each page bought by some corporation for some special benefit. Limited government and free markets are the way to go, so why don’t we try that? It is not what we have now. John D. Rockefeller said “competition is a sin”. That is why he bought Congress. Our country has always been about socialism for the rich, and rugged individualism for the worker.

Our Founders did indeed give us the perfect system. But the rich don’t want to compete, they want an “edge”. An advantage. They expect workers to compete, but not them. John D. Rockefeller knew this in 1880. None of this is new. Andrew Jackson was fighting a national bank (the Federal Reserve) in 1832. Rich people buying influence is not new. Its just that people are finally waking up. Do you think “robber barons” disappeared in the 1880’s? They just moved to K Street.

All the media warning of Bernie Sanders wanting a government that works for the people instead of corporations makes me puke. Locally the morning radio guy on WHO 1040 Jeff Angelo is the myopic fool. He’s sitting there on the quintessential rural welfare queen station, the one that never met a farm subsidy it didn’t like, and he can’t stomach the idea of people being paid a living wage. He’s okay with corporate ag getting a handout, but not with people getting a hand up.

He is totally blind to 19 feet of corporate welfare, but he has a problem  with ALL people being able to see a doctor like Canada has had for a generation. Wall Street, big oil, big ag, pharmaceuticals, and the banks have this government in their back pocket, and Angelo can’t see it. All he sees is the “danger” of a government that works for the People.

Jim Roach

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