Twitter targets trolls but winds up silencing conservatives


Ann Coulter

This New York Post article I spotted on Twitter raised several issues. It turns out Twitter has taken to banning people that lefties don’t like. Milo Yiannopoulos and Robert Stacy McCain are the two high-profile conservatives purged from the site. It does raise some scary censorship issues. We’ve all ran into people who have weaponized chat rooms. Their psyche can be scary.

Twitter is a free site run by a corporation not a government entity. They can do what they want. Did Yiannopoulos and McCain go after people? Online stalking? Or was it a case of people running across their stuff, being offended, and calling the Web Police? As an example, I don’t hangout on Facebook or Twitter accounts of people I don’t like. Life’s too short. I’m always a little surprised when I am on candidate A’s post, and I am attacked by candidate B’s supporter. It’s like, “Why are you here? Are you just trying to start a fight?” What the heck is the point of that?

Some people just like to battle I guess. Back when the Register had a free site, I went there and was forever having posts deleted by the webmaster. Liberals do not want to hear opposing views. Shortly thereafter they went to a paid site. 3 or 4 years went by and I decided to give them some business and joined the pay site for $5 bucks a month or thereabouts. The very first day as a paying member they revoked my ability to post comments after articles.

I got the message, “That function is not allowed with this IP Address”. Were they crazy? Did they think I was going to continue my subscription with half the service not available to me? When they were always deleting my posts when it was a free site it was just irritating. But as a paying customer?? They’re nuts. The same little snarky icons were there from years before. Liberals don’t change their spots. At the end of this post I’ll copy a series of comments from the Register site the liberals made about Representative Steve King, a guy that liberals loathe.

They write their terms of use agreements in such generalized terms, anyone can get kicked off for anything if interpreted literally. Conversations would be limited to banalities. It is all in the eye of the censor. And since 90 % of the media is liberal controlled, anyone else is at a built in disadvantage. Since 1989 when Rush first came on the air, liberals have been trying to get the Fairness Doctrine changed to get him kicked off the air. Free speech is the last thing liberals want.

Just look at college campuses and speech codes. Not to mention designated “free speech zones”. They want demand control. Liberals literally cannot compete with Rush, Hannity, Levin, Savage, Ingraham and the rest, so they try to shut them down. Ann Coulter should be a little nervous. If there is a #1 Most Wanted on the liberal hit list, she’s it.

Jim Roach

Carrot cake! (2) nj

[Example comments from liberals about Rep. Steve King.]

Phil, I’m not a betting person but I’d put money on King doubling down with his cruel and bigoted remarks.

Larry Leighton ·

From what I’ve seen of King and his hypocrisy, he’s too ignorant to understand what he’s doing.

Sherry Goodman Hughes ·

In King’s case, You Can’t Fix Stupid applies..Bob Hughes

Jeff Wilson ·

I heard King personally checked Cruz’s calves to make sure they weren’t the size of cantaloupes. Then he determined Cruz came to this country without smuggling drugs.

Bob Vander Beek ·

I wonder too if King will apologize for his birther statements. After all, he was among those who claimed Obama was not legally president because his father was not an American and that he was born in Kenya. Cruz’s father was not an American when Ted was born in Canada.

Larry Leighton ·

I repeat, he’s too freaking ignorant!

Bob Vander Beek ·

Pardon a short partial subject kidnap. I want to praise Ted Cruz.
He called the shooter in Colorado Springs a murderer. Praise be to Cruz for not trying to make him into a hero. Now that I’ve said that, he also said the man was a leftist transgender murderer and that we have no reason to think his motive had anything to do with abortions. That gets us back to whether he’s crazy, a liar, or both.

Larry Leighton ·

I could be wrong, but wouldn’t it take a brain to be crazy?

Bob Vander Beek ·

Umm…you see…I don’t know what…I’ll have my people get back to you about that…

Rick Whitten ·

Mr. Armstrong, Ted Cruz isn’t an immigrant. He looks and acts like a WASP. Appearance are much more important than facts.

Sam Osborne

The folks tagged as “illegals” that come into the country to find a better life should start saying they have come to escape ISIS because of Benghazi and everything else that Republicans political operatives contend are lies about this and that and whatever they are trying to make work to get one of their stooges elected president of the land of underpaid workers and home of the terrified.

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