Why does the Register suck so much?


It’s Sunday morning in a presidential election year in Iowa. You’d think you could guarantee something interesting in the morning paper. Nope. You’re the only game in town, is that the problem? Corporate media may have been too smart for their own good. While realizing the mogul’s dream of “competition is a sin”, and long ago squashing competitors, no one likes to watch a one person race. The outcome is rather predictable. If you can’t do it one day a week in 2016, there’s a problem.

In Ames, a Sunday morning trip for the paper means having to dodge a train every 5 minutes while going south on Duff Avenue. You make it to the Kum & Go at Duff and Lincoln Way, give your $2 to the surly clerk, dodge a couple of more trains, make it home, and open your prize. Being a political junkie, you turn first to the Opinion section.

One of the likely reasons the Register sucks so much is having your political coverage dominated by 3 liberal females. Call me crazy, but that strikes me as having “both kinds of music, country and western!” There is a whole wide world out there that isn’t being covered. An example is Senator Grassley’s reelection this year. Corporate ag lackey Patty Judge is the one the Register has deemed to cover.

“We only cover viable candidates”, versus, “I would be viable if you covered me”. Grassley to my knowledge does have a primary challenger, Robert Rees . In the normal scheme of things, you’d think that might offer some interesting observations for a paper. A supposedly “well loved” Senator who has been in elected office since time began (1959),  being challenged by a member of his own party? In the era of Tea Party upsets? Fertile ground there…

Instead, Rekha Basu today is talking about Donald Trump’s penis, and Obradovich is missing the obvious on Governor Braindead’s bid to “privatize” Medicaid. Having exhausted the usual means of funneling taxpayer money to their cronies, politicians have had to become inventive. Nowadays they tell citizens the are going to make government more efficient by privatizing various functions of government. Of course there is no savings and citizens suffer from the new “service”. But it does allow crony capitalists like Branstad to hookup up an I.V. directly between donors and the taxpayers. It takes out the middleman. I suppose you could consider that “more efficient”.

I don’t know where the third leg was today, Jennifer Jacobs. Judging from her tweets she is on staff for HRC, maybe she was on the trail.

So I would say lack of competition is the main problem of a print world owned by Gannett. There is no one to tell them ‘no’, when they doing something stupid. They are the only game in town. With no statewide competitor, the market doesn’t make them pay for missteps. They’re getting fat and lazy. Jesse Owens didn’t become the world’s fastest man by running by himself, he was pushed (I saw ‘Race’ yesterday).

Jim Roach

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