Welcome to the jungle


America was turned over to the animals last night. Freedom of speech lost and the mob won. CNN, which ginned up the protestors all day long, blamed Trump when the rioters shutdown his rally that night. It all came together for me when that fine network showed Obama blaming Trump also (“What did you expect?”). Obama is the one who created this situation by refusing to enforce our nations immigration laws. By doing executive amnesty. By telling the Border Patrol to stand down. He creates this climate of lawlessness, then blames Trump for wanting laws enforced.

The Mexican flags that were at the riot, being held by illegals. The rest of the George Soros rent-a-mob. Bernie supporters. They all combined to deny 25,000 American citizens the right to listen to the candidate of their choice. Freedom of speech took a blow last night. While CNN, Obama, the Des Moines Register and the rest of the establishment celebrated this and blamed Trump, Democracy lost. They really do seem to lack the intellectual capacity to understand that perhaps the most important speech to protect, is that speech you disagree with.

Jim Roach

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