What do Romney and Sanders have in common?

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Secret GOP meetings in Washington, blocked highways in Arizona, forces from the left and right both fear The Donald. Eric Erickson, Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, the Republican establishment hates Trump. RINO’s are repelled by Trump. But so is the left. Sanders supporters (Hillary supporters don’t like to go out at night much) riot in Chicago and shut down a Trump event. They attempt to do the same in Salt Lake. Dozens of protestors infiltrate Trump rallies in an attempt to stop his speech. In Arizona they block a highway and tie themselves to car bumpers to stop Trump supporters from reaching a rally. This should tell people something. Trump is either an existential threat to society, or he is the answer. As we have tried the path of the status quo the past 100 years, perhaps a different path is the answer. Do you see the light? When the Left and Right team up to stop someone, that tells me something. Evidently its not telling anyone else anything, but I am hearing it loud and clear.

Jim Roach

Cheese! hji

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