“Explosions in Belgium send shockwaves around world”

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Yeah? USA Today again causes me to scratch my head in a vigorous fashion. Their headline implies surprise that death has occurred as a result of importing cancer. What did you suppose was going to happen? You bring deranged desert nomads under the influence of Wahhabism into the Nordic country and seem amazed at the cataclysmic outcome. Wow. How can one become so detached from reality? Death and the destruction of a society are serious business. There are no “do-overs” after your social experiments fail.

America is about 20 years behind Europe in our slow motion national suicide. I thought about that as I drove through Ames yesterday on a sunny Saturday afternoon. I saw a mom and her 2 kids walking down the sidewalk. Their golden retriever with a big ol’ smile on his face, sniffing about. It occurred to me how all that will be lost in a few years as we import death, violence and rape.

James Roach




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