“Feds Snag 8,000 Violent Offenders”

This 3/24 article in USA Today elicited several questions. “After extensive extra training for the dangerous situations they would encounter”, they arrested 559 accused murderers, 648 gang members, 846 sex offenders, “the worst of the worst”, 8,075 in all. Extra training? What have you been training for?

You knew where these people were, why hadn’t you picked them up before? Among the innocents recovered out of this were 17 children aged 11 months to 15 years. What do you think their lives have been like? While you sat around eating donuts? How many months and years of agony did they experience while you dawdled?

The whole tone of this article was the puffing of chests as various agencies patted themselves on the back. Yeah…. but while you  weren’t doing your job, how many people were murdered, raped and robbed?

Not to mention the gaping hole in the ship, letting in a flood of drug runners and terrorists through our southern border completely unchecked. If simple domestic crime requires a special task force, what chance do we stand against this foreign crime invasion?

James Roach

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