Can you cure stupid?

Donald Trump as GOP nominee? I don’t see it. I don’t think the majority of this country is smart enough to see that the system needs to be nuked. Forget president for a moment, just try to imagine the old guard of the GOP establishment letting an outsider grab the nomination. Hmm… the people who run this country have always been fine with the idea of democracy, as long as they have first handpicked your two choices. As long as they own both horses in the race, they’re good. But an outsider?

Hardly. The lobbyists, the bureaucrats, the Congressional staffers, the contractors, they all want the game to stay the same. Sure things change a little for them depending if their side is in the majority or the White House, but its minor. They can rely on some things never changing. If a vote comes up that would help the people, they know it will always be just 1 vote short.

The graft, the corruption, the crony capitalism, it’ll continue.

If a bill comes up that would benefit corporate America and the establishment, some Senator will crossover that isn’t up for election for 4 years, and it will pass by just 1 vote. But what it boils down to, is that the voters are just too damn stupid. Swear to God, there are too many people who have drunk the party Kool-Aid. The party hacks control your destiny, not you. Bernie people haven’t figured it out either.

Working class people who should be FOR a minimum wage increase, are against it! They’ve bought into the corporate argument against it! Despite the fact that the minimum wage has been with us since the depression, and all of their predictions have proven false, they still vote against their own interests! I’ve run into this thinking time and again. There is a certain segment that will only vote for Hillary. How do you help people who won’t help themselves?

There is a segment that will never vote for Trump! And I have no idea why. They would vote for Cruz, or Kasich, or Bush, or any GOP fencepost! But they would never vote for Trump. They’ve been swayed by media propaganda. They are unable to think for themselves (I say this for the Democrat side too, the system needs to be nuked). Can they not see the dire straits this country is in? Something has to change. The question is, can you cure stupid?

Jim Roach

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