There comes a time when you have to tell a newspaper to stick it

Probably 15 or 16 years ago I ditched my first newspaper, the Ames Tribune. As someone who started reading newspapers (and delivering them) when he was 14, I had a long history. The Ames Tribune had been printing a monthly column from Ames resident and hell’s recruiter, atheist Hector Avalos. When they printed one of his anti-Christian diatribes on Easter Sunday, that did it for me. Never again did I lay money down for that paper.

I told them they were the most duplicitous frauds ever to insult Christians on Easter Sunday. I pointed out to the little weasels that they would never insult Jews on Hanukkah (let alone any time). They would never insult Muslims during Ramadhan (let alone any time). But they felt free to insult Christians ad nauseam. That if they wanted to help Avalos recruit people to hell, that was their business but it wasn’t mine.

The Des Moines Register a couple of weeks ago had an editorial stating that illegal aliens do not depress wages. Bullshit. I’m not even going to try and classify what exactly their un-American agenda is, but I want no part of it. Aside from the crime and drugs that come with illegals, not to mention murder and mayhem, to sit there and suggest illegals don’t harm the wages of working Americans is just insulting to the max.

That paper supports a corrupt Democrat Party of Iowa. A corrupt State Attorney General. A corrupt Polk County Sheriff. I can no longer sit there and pay money for a paper that supports screwing the American worker. An organization with a core that rotten is sick.

They’re not even honest in their reporting. Their news articles read like an opinion piece. Their hatred for Christians like Bob Vander Plaats and Sarah Palin is legendary. Their disdain for revolutionaries like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders shows they are in bed with the establishment. They are whores for every enemy of America. Equal rights for homosexuals is one thing, but their love for all things perverse betrays their lack of a moral compass.

In this day and age of social media, newsfeeds and the rest of  the worldwide web, there is no need to pay for a paper with a diseased agenda.

Jim Roach

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