Mediacom in Ames adds another shyster channel

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Ames now has THREE shyster channels, 79-88, 85-5 and 85-15! Goodnight! They took off my beloved THIS (and the worst movies of all time) for that?? The Ames City Council long ago doomed us when they awarded just one cable contract to this city. It is rumored that in places like Story City that have TWO providers, guess what happens? Competition forces them to be good and reasonably priced! Who would have guessed…. college towns are the stupidest.

The cable dial in Ames is filled with shopping, shysters and bad reruns. The good reruns like the RTV (Retro Television) they took off! A good movie channel like PLEX with their Western Wednesdays, they took off! We end up with 50 channels of crap! Thanks monopoly! This newest channel, TCT, a “Christian” station, consists of conmen sitting around a table with a 1-800-number below them begging for money. I fail to see how the “public interest” and their FCC license is being served.

Little did the unaware Christian realize that salvation wasn’t found by the redeeming power of Jesus Christ, but by “planting” a $1,000 dollar seed with Mike Murdock. These channels aren’t Christian, they are anti-Christ. They are always begging for money because their tax-exempt status as a “nonprofit” is that valuable to them.

Jim Roach

[I missed one. The city of Ames has FOUR shyster channels! I didn’t see channel 1-331.]


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