Giving away a continent

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There are cemeteries  all across Europe where Americans are buried. They died defending that continent. They gave their lives because of a common bond. A common heritage. People from Europe are a large part of what made this country great.

You won’t see it in the mainstream media, but if you look in the right places, like Twitter, you can see one atrocity after another committed by invaders brought to that continent. These invaders were brought there and given food, shelter and medical care.

These invaders repay this kindness with the systematic undermining of their new home. They refuse to integrate. They keep the old ways that destroyed their home country. They keep the ways that made their home an unlivable cesspool.

United States leaders that are doing the same thing here, are insulting the men who are buried underneath those crosses. Those men didn’t die so that fools could import a cancer that would destroy this country from within.

Jim Roach

Waiting for food

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