Another “Christian” film letdown


How do you make a film about Jesus Christ boring? I don’t know, but they did it. To their credit (as opposed to other “Christian” films like Soul Surfer or Genesis Code) they did say the name of Jesus once. While the local church did have a cross on the steeple in one exterior shot, oddly, there were zero interior signs this was a Christian church. This church worshipped a generic God, it could as easily been a Temple or a Mosque. You have to go a ways to find a Christian Church that does not have a banner, or a picture, or SOMETHING identifying its namesake.

The one prayer, at the end of the film, ended in Hollywood fashion with an abrupt Amen! Your daughter was just saved by a divine miracle, and you do not include a nod to the One who is responsible?? Impossible! You would thank God, you would thank Jesus, and you would thank the power of the Holy Spirit! Hollywood has obviously driven me up the wall on this. If you are going to make a “Christian” film, make it! Spend more than 4 minutes of a 109 minute film on Him!

2 minutes walking through a brightly colored Heaven with no mention of what was said to God or what was seen is ridiculous! 45 seconds at the end of the film on testimony by the father of the other dying girl and his conversion, with no exploration of that, is impossible! This girl goes to heaven and you speed through it? She talks to God and you don’t explore it? A man comes to Jesus because of your daughter and you don’t examine that?? What planet are you from?

Note to film makers: Most people who go to heaven do not live to tell about it. Most people do not have a face to face with God.  While Jennifer Garner’s example of the momma bear fighting for her daughter is important, it is not 105 minutes important. You completely missed the forest for the trees. This was just another example of cinematic malpractice.

No one forced you to attempt to make a Christian film. If you wanted to make a film about  the paranormal, do that. Of all the ingredients you could have in a Christian film, there is one you must have, and you didn’t have it. All you have done is rip people off. I want my money back. There is nothing more wondrous than the power of Jesus. There is nothing more needed in a person’s life than Jesus. How you so utterly failed to demonstrate that is beyond me.

The Gospel message is a simple one. In fact, God invites you to approach Him as a child.

Jim Roach

roman road app gg

[If these filmmakers are over their head on this theologically, it doesn’t require an extensive advisory team from a leading seminary. A fairly astute 7th or 8th grader who attends Sunday School regularly would suffice.]


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