“Time to get rid of the bug”

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NPR’s ‘This American Life’ had a disturbing  one today. The subject was FGM: Female Genital Mutilation. The woman in question was from Karachi, Pakistan. It was way too complicated a story to try and recount all of it here. I’m sure a replay is available somewhere. These are a few of the basic facts.

When she was 8 her mom saw her reading a romance novel. She told her daughter, “Sex isn’t like that for us.” The daughter had no idea what she meant, and wouldn’t understand the totality of it for years. Her mom told her she had a ‘bug’, and it was time to get rid of it.

On the living room floor on top of a sheet, a woman from the Mosque took a knife and cut out her clitoris in an unskilled manner causing eventual scar tissue buildup and nerve damage, that would turn something inhuman and evil, into something completely unbearable. God did not intend for that woman from the Mosque to alter His creation. To purposely harm a healthy body.

I can’t imagine what never having a chance for any kind of sex life would be like, let alone a great one. I can’t imagine what sort of culture would do something so barbaric. The anger and depression she suffered from being maimed for life upon the decision of a tyrannical cult. I really encourage you to catch the replay.

Jim Roach


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