Another story from the wonderful world of Islam you’ll never see in the liberal media


This scene from a Twitter news story shows 7 boys having just been gang raped by Islamic pigs. You will never read this story in the Des Moines Register, or in the New York Times. You’ll never see it on CNN. Those liberal bastions do not have a close relationship with the truth. They are worthless lying scum.

I blame the United States Federal Government. I blame the absolute idiot citizens of the United States. I blame the United States Congress. And I blame that cancer upon the earth known as Islam.

To maintain the degree of ignorance that the American public has in the “information age”, is unfathomable to me. They have to be willingly burying their heads in the sand. How can they not know of the atrocities committed by Satan’s army?

They cut people’s heads off. They burn people alive. They lock people in cages that are lowered into the sea so they drown. They teach children how to kill. They give children the heads of their victims to be used as impromptu soccer balls. They cut the clitoris off young girls so they will never be whole.

Then, these lazy, lying, welfare dependent scum have the audacity to call us Islamophobic. In the sense I do not wish to catch this cancer and die, they are correct. There is nothing wrong with the truth. Why the media wishes to lie to us is beyond me.

James Roach

[Americans not on the internet are completely ignorant of the rape culture sweeping Europe from these invaders from the Middle East. They are also so ignorant of the Koran they only know of the verse promising these murderers 72 virgins when they reach their perverted version of the afterlife. Americans are so ignorant of this deranged cult, they do not even know that the Muslim who dies in the act of murder, is also promised an unlimited supply of prepubescent boys to rape for eternity.]

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