French authorities will stop at nothing until they find out who did this!

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A plane gets blown out of the sky, the news desk at CNN springs into action! “Aviation experts” are called in to trade worried expressions and pensive looks with the hosts as they speculate what could of happened in the latest case of murder in the sky.

In this case, Egypt Air flight 804, nearly 24 hours had gone by before CNN suggested it “could” be terrorism. Any sane person knew the instant it happened what it was and who did it.

For roughly 45 years now airplanes have been hijacked and flown into the ground or skyscrapers or blown out of the sky with various types of explosives. Always after much hemming and hawing and “not wanting to jump to conclusions”, the same culprit is always identified.

Alisyn Camerota at the news desk frets, “Its still a mystery who brought down this plane…” No it isn’t. What’s this stupid game they play after every air murder, “We don’t know what happened”? Yes you do, or you should, the cause has been the same as every other time the past 45 years. Are you dense?

National resources, at what ever spot on the globe it happens, leaps into action. Air, land and sea, busily exploring whatever ocean to divine this great mystery. Its like, “Hello! McFly!” Do you really not know what’s going to be at the end of your days and weeks of pontificating?

It will be a Muslim with a bomb, or in the cockpit, killing innocent people for the 45th year in a row. Surprise! Could it get any more absurd?

Jim Roach



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