Your way is failure, why do you keep doing it?


Why do people and governments insist on repeating failure? If you watch any of the news channels, you will see many sad, needy and depressing regions on the globe. Each one begging America to come spend money and the blood of its soldiers to fix what ever ails their nation at the moment. It never stops. And most of the time, our government is willing to comply, rushing here and rushing there, never accomplishing anything.

These nations insist on doing things their way. Their nations are poverty stricken, torn by violence, stagnant, unproductive and corrupt cultures unworthy of being called civilized. Their ways are failure. They have not progressed in 2,000 years and will not. But does it ever occur to them, “Hey! This isn’t working, let’s try something different!” Nope.

They insist on maintaining their death grip on poverty, starvation, crime and violence. Meanwhile they ignore the dichotomy staring them in the face: All of their people want to come to America. How is that? We  don’t have human corpses rotting in the streets. Our neighborhoods are relatively peaceful. Our economy is humming somewhat. So why won’t you adopt our ways?

Why won’t you adopt the winning ways, our values, the ways that work? We have space travel, developments in medicine, full grocery shelves, shoes, cars, houses as opposed to huts, aircraft carriers, McDonalds, art, plays and literature that permeate the world. You don’t. With change, much of human misery could be eliminated. Yet you refuse. You are either stupid or evil.

Americans are not immune to this societal inertia, this refusal to change.  Most elections we have returned to office these corrupt failures. The presidency, the Congress, state governments. We continue to “get fooled again”. In Iowa we have insisted on electing Governor Branstad since 1982, when all he has done is make the rich richer, the poor poorer, and the water dirtier.

We have elected Senator Grassley since 1959, what’s up with that? The Sunday morning shows playing right now tell us that if we change course (elect someone outside the system), disaster will result! Really? How’s that? The media “approved” candidates we have put in office until now, have destroyed this nation. In the coming months we will hit $20 trillion dollars of debt. The real unemployment in certain demographics is 25 %.

What’s the argument for more of the same? I don’t get it. Half the country gets it, they want Bernie or Trump. They know the system needs to be blown-up and bulldozed. The other half though hates Trump and wants Hillary. How is that possible? She guarantees more of same. Why do we insist on ramming the iceberg one more time?

Jim Roach

aaa b Just vote! (2)

Patient: “Doctor, it hurts when I do this.”
Doctor: “Quit doing that.”

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