Freedom of religion, not freedom of government


Obama and his coconspirators the establishment Republicans, think it is a swell idea to flood this country with Muslims from the Middle East. People who have a demonstrated desire to kill us. People who have shown they do not play well with others. People who are turning Europe into a cesspool indistinguishable from the one they exited.

Aside from the obvious faults of their death cult, lopping heads, burning people alive, drowning, having dogs tear their victims apart while alive, another much more pragmatic problem comes to mind. They bring with them their own “government”.

I don’t know if liberals and mainstream Americans are just too ignorant of Islam, or if they just lack the brain cells to process this information. Islam is not just a religion. Islam has a religious fork, but  its other fork is a governmental system known as Sharia Law.

This is not like The 10 Commandments which govern personal behavior, and is further bolstered by New Testament directions to “obey the civil authorities”, thus emphasizing the separation of Christianity and civil government. No, Sharia Law fosters Islam the religion, as Islam the religion fosters Sharia Law. They are inseparable. Sharia covers personal behavior as well as societal.

This isn’t that tough of a concept. I don’t know why westerners have such a tough time with it. I have to assume its something other than stupidity, though that is an option. No, the simple fact is, With Islam there is no “separation of church and state”. That idea is ludicrous to them.

That is where the incompatibility comes in that the Christian world refuses to accept. In the U.S. the basis for all law is the Constitution. It is the authority of last resort. All ensuing law must be in compliance with it, not the other way around.

Islam puts Sharia at the top. That doesn’t work for human decency, let alone U.S. law. Why can’t our government (and citizens) grasp this? Islam is incompatible with our form of government. With Islam, it IS the government.

Humanists have a hard time facing up to the idea that there is evil in the world. To acknowledge there  is evil, inevitably leads to the idea there is good, and you end up with the whole God / Satan concept, which humanists hate. They want to keep to the idea that bad things happen only because of a lack of education, opportunity or a bad environment. They would NEVER admit to the unswerving 1,400 year track record of evil with Islam.

American citizens have freedom of religion, not freedom to choose their own form of government, which is exactly what Islam is, a form of government.

Jim Roach

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