National Geographic cover story on “child brides”

Take female genital mutilation (FGM) that many Muslims practice. Who knows how many, this inhuman practice isn’t talked about much. The Muslim asserts their life is devoted to furthering the will of Allah. If that is the case, lets look at the female Allah created. There is generally a beauty surrounding a woman, a beauty that attracts a man. This leads to the human’s #1 instinct procreation, propagation of the species.

God helped along this desire to do this by giving the woman great capacity for sexual pleasure.  This ability to enjoy the sexual act for the woman ends up affecting many aspects of her life. Enjoyment of her husband, love of her children and many, many aspects of “nesting”.

What does the Muslim do with Allah’s creation? This beautiful woman who could enjoy sex? The Muslim puts her in a black sack and cuts off her clitoris! “Allah” gave her beauty and sexual enjoyment, and the Muslim takes it away. The Muslim knows more than Allah?

I can’t imagine the twisted psychology of the Islamic woman without the ability to flex her physical show of beauty to the world underneath a burqa, and the severe detriment to her health by the short-circuiting of her sex life  and never being able to orgasm. NEVER being able to have that emotional release and rejuvenation that orgasm brings.

The #2 instinct of any human is the sex drive. This in  a healthy woman is facilitated by her cultivating and displaying her beauty (and by being praised for it which is crucial to a woman). A large part of the Islamic world denies this to their women. Which might explain why the men have an unnatural attraction to prepubescent boys.

It makes sense though, the wholesome and natural sex life with a woman has been so destroyed, an unhealthy manifestation is to be expected. They marry a 9 yr old bride who likely just had her clitoris removed at age 8? Twisted doesn’t begin to describe their world.

Jim Roach

Down in the 'hood

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