“Nothing we would do differently”


FBI Director James Comey typifies everything that is wrong with bureaucrats. His agency interviewed the Orlando murderer twice and saw no way to stop him. His agency also failed with the San Bernardino killers. The honorable thing to have done (which is not common in modern America) would be to resign after the loss of life which you are responsible for.

Not Comey. He doesn’t even see a reason to change tactics! Crazed Islamic killers continue to wreak havoc in American society and he insists on repeating failure! Amazing. It is one thing to fail, it is still another to consciously repeat that failure. The words that should have come out of his mouth are, “We will stop at nothing till we get this right!”

Not Comey, he circles the wagons and says, “We did nothing wrong”, in effect. Bullshit.

It’s much like our 15 year “war on terror”. If you can’t beat a bunch of sand people with no infrastructure in 15 YEARS, maybe you need to change tactics! Isn’t that a reasonable assumption? If it isn’t working, try something different? Makes sense to me! But that’s the trouble with bureaucrats, they’re not leaders, they’re wagon masters.

Jim Roach

Cheese! hji


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