Its not 1960 anymore

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The recent mass murders in Orlando, Florida by a Muslim extremist caused me to rethink what laws should govern the purchase and carrying of weapons. When I was a kid in the 60’s in Iowa, very few people had a carry permit. If a man had a license to carry, you could pretty much count on him being one hell of an upstanding citizen. Sober, didn’t beat his wife, mowed his lawn… you know.

That’s not the case anymore. Nowadays our country is being overrun by Muslims from war torn areas of the globe where life is cheap. Being overrun by Mexican drug runners here illegally. Being overrun by a climate of lawlessness from a government who picks and chooses what laws to enforce. A government whose IRS picks and chooses what 501 C 3’s to target.

Nutcases in modern day America are not cared for in mental health hospitals. Those hospitals are far too often being closed down,  like Clarinda and Mount Pleasant in Iowa by that idiot Governor Branstad. Our gun laws are so screwed up, unbelievable as it sounds, when an application goes through the county sheriff’s office, amazingly the county mental health authority is not being asked to sign off on an individuals application.

We end up with a scenario where criminals and nutcases are buying weapons. Question #5 on the Iowa form deals with mental health, “Have you ever been adjudicated mentally defective?” (Good question, but strictly asking you to self identify? That’s crazy.) Itshould require a county agency to sign off. Have you made threats, how many OWI’s, job losses, police calls, hospital stays at a treatment facility…. there are all kinds of indications that need to be checked on the mental health side.

Why not a 10 question mental health test to go along with the 10 question legal questionnaire? Being cleared by a county mental health records check and questionnaire may not be perfect, may not catch everything, but my guess is it would catch one hell of a lot! Say for instance this couldn’t be implemented for every gun purchase, but it should be required for any rifle that has a magazine with a greater capacity than 5 rounds. The sad fact of the matter is that the cop at the door of the nightclub in Orlando, was outgunned. He had a sidearm, it was simply no match for a semiautomatic rifle with 30-round capacity magazines.

As I write this I realize I am answering my own question. The government creates this problem by an insane immigration policy and no control of the border, then asks you to take it in the shorts by giving up your guns. Still, I can’t help but feel there needs to be a “two-tier” licensing strategy.  A lower threshold for limited capacity weapons, and a higher threshold for high capacity handguns and rifles.

A way for my fellow gun nuts  to have any weapon they want, but a screening process that better protects the public from homicidal maniacs. Too many mass murders. Too many of the authorities not being held responsible for the lack of prosecution on cases that would have stopped these people before they killed (Omar Mateen beat his first wife, he should have been prosecuted for domestic violence. That would have prevented him from purchasing weapons).

So yes, the government needs to come up with a rational immigration policy. The government needs to control the border. Local authorities need to prosecute criminals BEFORE they kill. And gun owners need to work on perfecting the screening process. We have no more interest in nutcases being armed than anyone else. Its not 1960 anymore. We are no longer homogenous Iowa.

Jim Roach

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