Hillary did what Hitler couldn’t

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Women and children flooding Europe from the Middle East

Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State was focused on extorting money from foreign governments through the sale of access to our government. It wasn’t focused on smoothing the rough seas of a geopolitical tempest. While she enriched the Clinton Foundation, her actions and inaction essentially lit a match to the volatile Middle East. Decisions made were based not what was best for America and for the world, but what her donors wanted.

Never a garden spot, the Mideast was transformed into an unlivable hellhole. “Refugees” poured out of the region. It was reported on the news today that the flood has hit the 60 million mark. 60 million (mostly men) have invaded Europe. The fertility rate of this group will of course soon swamp and destroy the culture of Europe. This one time productive and stable continent will soon be overcome by the hatred and bloodshed of the invading Islamic forces.

Europe will accomplish through stupidity, what Hitler couldn’t do through force. The saving grace of World War Two of course, was America. We were able to ride in on a white horse and save the day. We can’t do that this time. Europe has invited this cancer into the very marrow of its body. The vacuum created by a post-Christian society will indeed be filled by the Islamic death cult.

It will no doubt descend from being a highpoint of civilization, into some sort of medieval anarchy, where only the fittest survive.  America as noted cannot ride in to save the day, we are only 10 to 15 years behind them. The lie of multiculturalism will be our death knell also.

Jim Roach

Waiting for food

“The purpose of government is to rein in the rights of the people.”
— Bill Clinton

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