The state of America

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By gawd that’s what a flag should look like! If that doesn’t make you salute the flag, nothing will. The eve of Independence Day causes me to evaluate how far we have come as a nation since July 4, 1776. 240 years have passed. Where did our Founders think we would be? What path did they recommend? I know they advised avoiding foreign entanglements. I know they did not trust a centralized power. I know they felt the freedoms offered by the Constitution were too much for an immoral people. I know they said Congress should coin money. I know they said Congress should declare war.

I know at this moment the national debt is $19,337,689,317,737.22 trillion dollars. Hmm… probably not what they recommended. We’ve been at war in its latest incarnation since 2001. Hmm… we beat Germany and Japan at the same time in 4 years. I know the federal government decides what size toilet tank we will have. What type of light bulb. That we would all have to buy new TV’s. I know the federal government decides at what age we will retire. What our kids are taught in K-12. The Federal Reserve coins money, not Congress. The President declares war, not Congress.

Is Congress “protecting the States from foreign invasion”, as required by Article IV Section 4 of the Constitution? Hardly. Not only do they have no control of the southern border, they have ceded a 75 mile swath to Mexico because of incursions from drug cartels. Then, under UN direction and using your tax dollars, they are flooding the country with Muslims from the Middle East that bring their own form of government (Sharia) and a hatred for the West.

Instead of a solid manufacturing base producing goods created from the raw materials of the earth to increase the wealth of the nation, we make trade deals where foreign countries keep the tariff on our goods and open our markets to their goods unfettered. To question any of this is to be called an isolationist and xenophobic.

So if our Founding Fathers intended us to be a warring nation deeply in debt with no control of its borders and no jobs, then we are exactly where they intended us to be.

Jim Roach

Biker (2) ;f;psi

“The purpose of government is to rein in the rights of the people.”
— Bill Clinton


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