Different licenses


The shootings last night in Dallas using an AR-15 or variant caused me to rethink once more the background check system currently in place. Ruger makes a very nice 5 round .38 I’d like to have called a LCR. Being a revolver, it takes several seconds to reload the 5 rounds. But for its purpose, it is a very useful weapon.

It bears no resemblance to a Beretta 92. That pistol in 9mm has an optional 20 round removable magazine. With a pushbutton thumb release, the magazine can be replaced in about 1.5 seconds. With just 5 magazines you can have virtually uninterrupted shooting of 100 rounds. A formidable weapon.

The  ArmaLite rifle, AR-15 has magazines of 5, 10, 30 and 60 capacity. It fires a rifle cartridge with a ballistics potential 2 to 4 times that of a pistol cartridge. Four 30 round magazines gives you a weapon that easy extends its range with just a moderately trained shooter of 100 yards (versus say 10 yards for a typical pistol shooter). A much more powerful weapon indeed.

The analogy is with driving. Most anyone can get a drivers license to operate a passenger vehicle or pickup. If you want or need to drive a multi-passenger bus, that requires a different license. The same goes for a straight truck, or a semi trailer. Each has different requirements for a commercial drivers license. The speed freak can get involved in various forms of racing at a racetrack.

But that’s the point, a Volvo is not a semi. A Ford Fiesta is not an Indy car. It all depends what qualifications and effort you are willing to put into it that determines what you can drive. You don’t turn a GT driver pictured above loose on the highway doing 180 mph while everyone else is doing 65 mph. And, around the time a person turns 90 or so, or has other medical issues, it is determined sometimes they don’t have the capacity to drive at all.

Turning 3 to 4 shooters loose last night with semi automatic rifles in Dallas was insane. A vigorous background check involving interviews with neighbors and employment verification and evaluation of arrest records, and throw in a mental health test, most likely would have disqualified those murderers from owning those weapons. Line of sight in all 4 directions for 100 yards last night was a kill zone. That’s nuts.

The little old lady wanting a LCR doesn’t need the same scrutiny.

James Roach

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