Are we better off then when they started?

war l

War is evidence of failed policy. We are in a constant state of war. 50 signatories of a letter who embody 50 years of failure, say TRUMP is the problem?? THEY put us here! THEY set the globe on fire! Their wars have killed millions upon millions!  Are we better off then when those 50 signatories started their reign of incompetence?

And Trump is the problem? Our military hospitals are FILLED with evidence of their failure. Horribly maimed and broken bodies that are a living picture of the grotesque nature of a foreign policy that treats life as a disposable commodity. The former government officials who signed this “Letter to America” are the authors of a half century of failure.

War should be the tool of last resort, not first resort. These signatories wrote the book on shortsightedness, greed and corruption. They are an evil slave to the military – industrial complex that wags this dog of a nation. When your lack of foresight has continually reduced your options down to the final option, blowing human bodies apart, you failed!

And now you are going to tell the aggregate wisdom of half the voters in this country that they are wrong in selecting Trump?? That is ludicrous. YOU did this! There is no one else. You were at the controls. We have tried your way. Your way is death. Your way is bankruptcy. Your way is failure. It is no longer theoretical. We have watched this “experiment” playout. The results are in. War, what is it good for?

James Roach

Cheese! hji

War, (huh) yeah What is it good for Absolutely nothing Say it again, y’all

[Edwin Starr]

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